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Bolloré Africa Logistics has a network of 87 maritime agencies: 74 African agencies in 32 countries, 11 branches on the Iberian peninsula and 1 branche in Asia-Pacific. 6,000 port visits were processed this year on behalf of the world’s largest shipping lines and on behalf of its many customers who include shipowners, operators, traders and manufacturers.




Algeria - Angola - Benin - Burkina Faso - Cameroon - Central African Republic - Congo (PNR) - Côte d’Ivoire - Djibouti (rep) - Egypt - Equatorial Guinea - Ethiopia - Gabon - Gambia - Ghana - Guinea (Cky) - Kenya - La Réunion - Liberia - Libya - Madagascar - Mali - Mauritania - Morocco - Mozambique - Namibia - Niger - Nigeria - Rep. South Africa - Rwanda - Senegal - Sierra Leone - Somalia - Sudan - Tanzania - Tchad - Togo - Tunisia - Zambia


Afritramp, as part of Bolloré Africa Logistics, the leading port and terminal services provider in Africa, offers a whole range of activities related to shipping and stevedoring services through a network of 74 shipping agencies located around Africa and the Indian Ocean and one located in Timor Leste.

Our shipping operations are coordinated by the Paris Head Office with the support of our commercial offices located in China and Greece.

Our local teams are available 24/7 and aim to offer you a reliable and efficient service in agreement with our ISO 9001 certified QHSE integrated management system and in compliance with our Business Conduct & Ethics code.

Together with our local shipping teams, we are committed to delivering best quality service and endeavoring to meet our customers’ expectations.



Contact us:

Tel: +33 1 46 96 42 84

Email: afritramp@bollore.com


 SCAC SHIPPING has over 150 years of dry-bulk brokerage and maritime expertise.

We are shipbrokers specialized in chartering of bulk carriers, ranging from mini-bulkers to Panamax size, trading worldwide.

Our clients are international trading houses, industrial companies, ship-owners and operators. 

Acting on behalf of our Principals, we engage our knowledge and analysis of the market to find and offer them the best shipping solutions to cover their needs.

We negotiate contracts of affreightment either voyage or time-charter basis between ship-owners and charterers.

Following closely the dry bulk freight market, we can accurately<s> </s>advise our clients how to optimize freight and to maximize profits.

Our chartering and operations teams offer customers a close and tailor-made service.



Contact us :

Tel : +33 1 41 30 57 80

Email chart@scacship.com

RoRo terminals

Bolloré Africa Logistics is also developing expertise in the management of RoRo terminals, which enable the port authorities to count on a reliable, professional, and long-term partner. In 2015, more than 142,000 lights and heavy vehicles were managed in the RoRo terminals where we are present. 

Conventional cargo handling

Bolloré Africa Logistics provides conventional cargo handling services in Africa and Haiti for all types of goods: in bags, bulk, rolling, heavy packages, containers...

In an international environment marked by constant concern for the improvement of port productivity, we place the greatest importance on investment in performing equipment and in the regular training of our teams in safety norms and best practices, in compliance with the best environmental standards.

Sufficient planning of operations and ongoing improvement of work tools and organization have facilitated ongoing advances in our conventional bulk-handling services offer.

Bolloré Africa Logistics has the know-how and the equipment to facilitate and assume responsibility for the maintenance, repair and renovation of vessels in its specialized shipyards.We offer dedicated services for oil tankers, LNG carriers and for fishing vessels

We are present in the Ivory Coast, through Carena, a first-ranked repairer of vessels from West Africa as well as Gabon, through the DPS Company located in Port-Gentil.