Responsible investments for sustainable growth

Integrating environmental, social and governance issues in investment decisions has become essential in the port sector. Since it implemented its first concessions, Bolloré Africa Logistics has factored environmental issues into the study phases (systematic environmental assessments, preservation of fauna and flora, etc.) and into the conduct of its operations. We have launched or contributed to several initiatives aimed at improving our environmental footprint.

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For instance, we have rolled out new equipment that is more efficient and consumes less energy, in the shape of electric towing vehicles and gantries, and we lead a policy on the environmental certification of our terminals. In this respect, reducing congestion in port cities and boosting service for landlocked regions, are two of our key priorities. The intermodal solutions that Bolloré Africa Logistics develops for its customers serve to reduce urban congestion and improve goods transport flows, thus reducing environmental impact.

For example, the barge transport service in Lagos operated by our terminal enables the transfer of over 3,000 containers, easing road congestion in the Nigerian largest city.

In Diamniadio, located 30 kilometres from Dakar in Senegal, a new multimodal business hub connected to rail and road contributes to reducing the parking time of imported vehicles and containers in the port zone and cut truck traffic in the city by 5%.


A further Bolloré Africa Logistics priority is goods transport by rail. The impact on the road network (relieving infrastructure, improving safety and making the service more reliable) of the rail transport of minerals, hydrocarbons, cereals, cotton and containerised industrial products stands as a significant advantage for our customers seeking to shrink their environmental footprint in a competitive manner. Thanks to a complete range of specialised services and equipment – container platform wagons, covered wagons for conventional goods (sawed timber, cotton, construction materials, bagged goods, etc.), bulk tanker wagons for fuel and other fluids, and high-sided wagons for dry bulk – Bolloré Africa Logistics is able to meet the challenges proposed by our customers in this complex environment.